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My Education Philosophy

As a History Teacher, my personal aim is to educate students in the happenings of the world. My students are at the age that they can begin to make a difference. They will soon be making the decision of where they want to go with their lives and what they want to do. They are getting ready to enter the work force and will soon be making decisions that will affect us all. Some may become teachers, managers, politicians, and possibly even the president. It is important to have citizens of the world well grounded in the study of history in order to make correct choices and prevent disasters like wars, the Holocaust, and events like 9/11 from happening again.

It is my goal to take history and break it down to discover where mistakes were made, and how we could have prevented them. By studying these events we can also decipher what acts are those of terror, revolution, etc. I believe that every student has the right and responsibility to learn history and can learn from the past to make our world a better place in the future. As a History teacher, my goal is not to teach my students about happenings of the past, but how to use our past to prepare ourselves to make changes to the future, and build stronger, more informed citizens.

Teachers must be willing to make changes to the way they teach, depending on the group they teach. Changes can be made to assignments of struggling students, simplifying vocabulary for ELL students, shortening reading assignments for students who struggle with reading skills, and watching closely those students who struggle to stay on task. For students who are excelling, I offer them additional learning experiences by allowing them to research topics to a deeper level, then allowing them to present what they learn. All students need to be given an equal opportunity to learn. There is no exact answer to how to reach every student. I get to know the students, see what works for them, and then adapt my lessons to their skills in order to help them succeed.

It can be difficult to really determine if a student understands what you have taught them or just regurgitating information for an exam. I believe it is important to test the students on their knowledge through a variety of assessments. Some students take tests well, while others really struggle. Along with written exams, I believe there should be a variety of other assessments used to test student’s knowledge. Throughout units of learning there should be assessments, testing their knowledge to that point. If they are not grasping the concept, the materials should be approached in another way.


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